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"SPIRITUALITY: What is it really and how does it link to business?"

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Short answer: EVERYTHING 🙂

But let me elaborate.

For years I have been asking myself the question, how to talk about spirituality in Business?

I always found great ways to circumvent this loaded word. I called it different names, like fulfilment, happiness, even success.

All these words are relevant but at the end true success, true Happiness appears when we embrace our very own spirituality.

To kick this conversation off, let’s talk about what is NOT spirituality?

I am risking to repeat myself here but:

Spirituality is NOT Religion!

Spirituality takes care of peoples deeper needs, religion creates the process to take control over these needs.

I want to make it clear that my intention is not to suggest that all religions are inherently negative. Rather, I aim to emphasise the distinction between spirituality and organised religion.

In ancient times religions helped humans to create functional societies, it allowed people to create rules and enforce ethics.

Religions are a set of processes on top of spirituality, these processes are created by human beings with their positive and less positive intentions. Ego always takes over, and the original spiritual message gets tainted with the strive for power over others and the implementation of religious dogmas.

In essence they move from being heart centred to being mind driven.

Religions hijack people's deep longing to understand the meaning of life and for something bigger than themselves and instrumentalise it for their agenda.

I do not need to specifically point out the current examples in the middle east and other regions of the world.

CurrentlyI have the honour to interview executives and founders about what spirituality means to them. And I am amazed how diverse and beautiful the answers are.

From loving everything that happens to them, all the good and the perceived as bad, to allowing joy to show up in difficult moments and so many more examples, I am amazed in the myriad ways people embrace their very own spirituality.

During these conversations one thing got already very clear to me.

There are three planes of spirituality:

  1. Expansion of your vision beyond yourself.

The understanding that there is more to life than one’s self-interest.

  1. Happiness through service (to me and to others).

The awareness that attaining true happiness is only possible if we truly serve ourselves and others.

  1. Commitment to the continuous deepening of one's spiritual journey.

The intentional decision to make the exploration of the depth of one's spirituality the priority in life.

How does this relate to business?

If you want to be able to have impactful business relationships you absolutely need to expand your vision beyond yourself! As looking at the world only from your own angle will most likely make you fail in any business endeavour.

If you understand that happiness is creating your success you also understand that being at service of your employees, your customers and your suppliers is crucial for your own success.


When you are thriving for real impact in the business world and for society it is inevitable to commit to an ever deeper understanding of yourself, your reactions to the outside world and ultimately of the divine.

Are you ready to embrace the three planes of spirituality in business and in life?

keep inspired



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