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"How Halloween Reveals the Ghosts in Your Company Culture”

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Today, as we celebrate Halloween and the tales of ghosts and hauntings come to life, we might find that our workplaces have their own lingering spirits.

What connection does Halloween have with company culture, you ask?

On this spooky day, the nights are long and most chilling. As we enjoy tales of spooky houses and ghosts today, let's think about the unseen problems, or "ghosts," that can make a workplace feel as unwelcoming as a haunted house.

For some, the days feel just as chilling, especially when you open the door to enter the office, or for the homeworkers: when you log into MS Teams. The boss is grumpy and straight out gloomy: the wars in the world are casting a shadow on another end of the year rally, and on top of that, at least a third of the people are home with a nasty cough or battling outright COVID.

This might be the haunting reality you're experiencing now, where the ghosts of negativity and discord lurk in every corner.

But there's another scenario, one where the dark office days are illuminated by the laughter around a meeting table, where everyone collaboratively works towards making 2023 a great year for the company and ultimately for everybody. In this brighter reality, the boss is both proud and humbled by the amazing work the different teams are producing, banishing the ghosts of doubt and mistrust.

Just like on Halloween, where behind the masks and costumes lie real people seeking connection and joy, a workplace can choose to look beyond the challenges and focus on building genuine relationships. It's not just about trick or treat. It's not necessary to scheme to get what you want and plot revenge when you don't receive what you feel you deserve. This philosophy works for management as much as for everybody else in the company.

Choosing not to embrace the perpetual trick and treat and avoiding the forever Halloween delusion is possible.

It's a simple decision and it's even natural for us as human beings.

We are built for connection with people, we are made for giving without asking in return, we are designed for unity and collaboration. It's time to exorcise the ghosts of negativity and embrace a spirit of positivity.

So make the decision now:

You are in control of stopping the never-ending “trick or treat”. Decide that from this moment on, you are here to serve. And through serving others, you automatically serve yourself.

That's how you kick off a brand new company culture, free from the haunting ghosts of the past. It's as simple as that!

Make this Halloween your last corporate culture Halloween!


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