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A Journey to Self-Awareness


Growing up as a farmer's son, I quickly  understood the essence of executing. With a mother as a teacher, I was equally absorbed in the world of books and the transformative power of storytelling, offering deep insights into life's mysteries. This blend of connection to nature and a relentless thirst for knowledge shaped my core, laying the groundwork for me to become committed to a conscious life journey.


My path was fueled by a tireless passion and an unwavering drive to bring visions to life. This potent mix propelled me onto the global business stage of the rising internet era, where I celebrated soaring successes and navigated sharp setbacks.


Today, my pursuit of happiness is deeply rooted in the understanding of my authentic self and ensuring that my inner truth resonates in all I create and achieve.

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My zentrapreneurial journey began in 2021, but intuitively I knew long before what my life's mission is.


Already as a child, I was more interested in the profound questions of life: Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is the purpose of life? than I was in playing football with friends.


By my 13th birthday, I had read, among many other books, some of the classics like the "Odyssey" by Homer and the Bible. And boy, did I support my friends with my pseudo spiritual and philosophical know-how. I was a true comforter for many.

However, life's distractions and the temptation of recognition led me down a different path. I spent nearly 35 years striving for singular business success. And when people began to congratulate me on my achievements, I questioned the truthfulness of their praise. To me, it felt like I hadn't fulfilled anything of my life's mission.


Had I taken a wrong turn early on? Instead of serving my mission, had I been serving an illusion? Had I deceived myself by creating all these superficial achievements?


The short answer is YES !


The comprehensive response is, self-deception or not, all these experiences prepared me to become who I am today: 


a speaker, a teacher, a coach

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