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"Black Sheep, the true evolutionary power?"

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

In accordance to Oxford dictionary a black sheep is:

A member of a family or group who is regarded as a disgrace to it.

Were you ever seen as a disgrace to your family or worse felt yourself as a disgrace?

If that's the case: I have good news for you! You are not only a black sheep but also a torch bearer of change and evolution as much in your family as for humanity as a whole.

Just check inside if these statements resonate:

  • You are always the one asking the questions nobody wants to give the answer to?

As an example, I always asked our priest in school, why a non-catholic person could not enter heaven even if he was good in life?

  • You rarely conform with the proposed path and you question the conventional given answers?

My path was decided at the moment of my conception, in my fathers patriarchal view of life my older sister could not take over the family farm. He needed to conceive a boy to assure his succession and for most of my childhood and long into so-called adulthood the question of executing my father's plan for my life haunted me. I struggled between my love for books, for spirituality and my love to be there for others and the trodden path presented by the ones before me. But I prevailed, today I humbly walk my own journey.

  • You always created visions and dreams for life which did not fit the general path?

I always questioned the status quo, the previously beaten path. Recently my mother told me that as soon as I could walk I never wanted to walk on a straight path on our Sunday afternoon hikes, I always wanted to venture on the narrow uneven trail, explore the unknown behind the next turn.

If you agree with some or all of the above, you might just be a Black Sheep yourself.

I invite you to think about your own examples for the above questions, write them down and use them to light the path on your own journey.

Most likely you had one of two reactions on your suppressed « Black sheep » journey:

You either suffered through life to conform to the herd!


You accepted the fact that you do not fit in, but suffered in silence from the constant disconnection from the social perks life offers to those part of the white sheep herd.

Both of these options are not really very enticing, fortunately there is a third one:

You not only accept but also to surrender to your “abnormality” and use it to create a new world for you and everybody around.

We know a lot of these examples of people who never really fit in and created the biggest changes in society: Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi,.... Just to name a few.

These are the people who pushed through the conventions and the external conditioning they endured. They contested the status quo, they would not accept to do things just because that's how they were always done.

They stood up or in the case of Rosa Parks sat down for what they believed in, but that was not a sudden awakening of righteousness for most. It was merely an expression of their self-cultivated capacity to go beyond what others tried to make them believe about life.

And this capacity to go beyond is something they refined for a long time. They silently disagreed with accepted convention, they remembered their own truth, they built up this faith that things can be different, they fine-tuned their courage sometimes for decades and only then when the right moment came they did what was right for them.

The ones who are still reading these lines, know what I am talking about.

But all of us suffer, in one form or another from, the fact that we do not know why we need to go through this, how long will it last and what is it we are chosen to bring to the world?

Do not despair, your moment will come, the day your light shines for the betterment of your world!!

Till that day continue to hone your inner garden of awareness, thoughts and emotions and make your life the masterpiece you deserve it to be!

Marco Houwen |


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