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"The War for Talent is Over, Talent Won!"

The war for talent is over, Talent won!

Says PwC US chairman, Tim Ryan.

One might think that hiring people would be easy in today’s hyper-connected and technology-led world.

However, the contrary is the case. Just three years into the pandemic, it gets more and more difficult to find the right people for the job.

The ‘great resignation’ is in full swing with millions of people bailing out of the rat race we so easily accepted prior to 2020. To add to the conundrum, organisations are confronted with another phenomenon commonly referred to as “silent quitting:” where people do not actually leave a company, rather remain just doing the strict minimum in their respective role.

This is a new name for a long existing problem, but it is now that these behaviours start to threaten the efficiency of almost every company for real. In this multi-crisis environment where leaders have no clue what will happen next, we must increasingly rely upon in-house talent.

And yet, most companies are acting the same way they always have, continuing to neglect the inspiration level of their in-house talent and seek the talent presumably found “out there.” I recently heard from a consulting company who recruits talent as far away as South America for their Luxembourg operation.

So how to overcome such a dilemma you might ask…?

As company owners facing an undeniable truth is a good start. The problem and solution lies in the heart of company culture.

Finding the solution starts with a few fundamental questions: Who am I (myself and as a company)? What are the lies I am telling myself about my organisation? How can I close this gap to move towards my goals and objectives?

My question to you is:

Are you ready for a radical introspection?

Are you ready to face the realities of your organisation?

Being prepared to answer these questions and leading the empowered actions necessary for continuous success, is the start of reinvigorating your company culture. When you are clear on your intention for doing so, creating inspired teams and the organisation that supports, this intention becomes second nature.

First step, stop ignoring the inconvenient truth so often disregarded.

HR churn does not spike because the young generation does not know how to work anymore! It spikes because we neglect to address the facts in our organisations.

Awareness of these facts is critical and needs to be continuously fostered through asking the above mentioned fundamental questions.

Empowering self-awareness and personal efficiency is a CEO’s top priority and has to be aligned at the highest strategic level of your organisation.

It is key to approach this growing awareness with massive amounts of compassion for yourself and your teams in order to avoid getting trapped by sentiments of self-pity, blaming or anger.

The wisdom lies in appreciating the clarity this kind of awareness provides and that your internal employees have, but are all too often afraid to share. Facing this reality is a hard thing to do but allows people to approach the next step, accept the facts, and then let them go.

How does that make my company more efficient you might ask?

Simple, share your findings from your own radical introspection with your team and invite them on the exact same journey and support them along the way. Note that nobody will follow you down this road if you are not walking it first.

Inspiring by example is the cornerstone to a remarkably different and inspired company culture allowing you to weather the storms ahead.

Once you and your company are on this inspirational path, the search for talent becomes easier as your internal shining new stars will attract the best talent eager to contribute to the company’s empowered efficiency.


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